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We often get asked by clients where the best home for their video content is. Usually the main choice is between YouTube and Vimeo (although premium systems like Nideo and Wistia can also be very good if you are looking to understand your business audience better and harvest information from their activity). 

The decision between the two main providers can be presented reasonably quickly and effectively.

YouTube_Logo: Free for users
Vimeo_Logo : Also free but Pro users pay £138.34 per year for better performance and additional customisable features. 
Verdict: Draw

YouTube_Logo: No options and users must stick to YouTube's format which is instantly recognisable.
Vimeo_Logo: Also recognisable but offers a variety of features (particularly with the Pro version) to change the appearance, such as picking a brand’s colour for the player.
Verdict: Vimeo

YouTube_Logo: Accepts advertising and presents it across the site including in the player before videos load.
Vimeo_Logo: Doesn't accept advertising and just focuses on the viewing experience.
Verdict: Vimeo

Brand Perception
YouTube_Logo: Posting your content on YouTube can impact your brand if you are a slick and corporate outfit as it is associated with a broad range of everyday content (about cats, babies and genius stuff like a baby monkey riding backwards on a pig).
Vimeo_Logo: Is regarded as more professional and complements the perception of your brand (while also being more customisable).
Verdict: Vimeo 

Streaming Quality: (Source)
YouTube_Logo: YouTube supports both 720p and 1080p but the HD video quality is not very good. This is because YouTube's bit rate is limited to 3Mbps for 720p and 6Mbps for 1080p.
Vimeo_Logo: Vimeo's bit rate is limited to 10Mbps for 720p and 20Mbps for 1080p. For free users, you can only serve 720p video but due to its higher maximum bitrate, the video quality is superior.
Verdict: Vimeo

YouTube_Logo: Depending on how familiar you are with the layout, YouTube’s social functions are simple to use.
Vimeo_Logo: Again depending on familiarity this is very straightforward and maybe even slightly better sign-posted in the player.
Verdict: Draw

YouTube_Logo: This is where YouTube wins and might seal the deal. YouTube (owned by Google of course) features in 8/10 of videos that come up in Google's universal search. YouTube itself is also the world’s second largest search engine.
Vimeo_Logo: Has to tussle with all of the other video platforms for the remaining 18% of the market share.
Verdict: YouTube

These are just a few ways to distinguish between the two main video providers and hopefully this will help in making your decision. Do you have any other ways of comparing them? We would love to hear your ideas and thoughts.

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