Why YouTube is the only option when video marketing for organic Google search

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The use of video in marketing is on a upward trend. Statistically it is now the 
best format and medium for content marketingOne of the key reasons for this is how well it ranks for organic Google search. 
One of the key reasons for this is how well it ranks for organic Google search. 55% of Google universal search results produce a video on the first page. However, if search is important to you then look no further than YouTube. In a 
recent white paper from Searchmetrics they found that in 82% of the videos in searches were from YouTube (for 2014 this is up from 54% in 2013). As YouTube (the world's second largest search engine) is owned by Google (the world's largest search engine) this ratio and trend looks to continue upwards. If you choose anything else other than YouTube you're content will be tussling it out with all the other platforms in less than a fifth of the market.YouTube_search_integration

To take advantage of this you also need to understand how you position your content. Remember when someone types something into Google it is treated as a question. So someone typing in "Magna Carta" is actually asking "what is the Magna Carta". So try and ensure your content answers a question for it to be popular. Using a keyword tool can help - identify your target question or terminology based on the volume of monthly searches and difficulty.

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