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We hope that by now you have successfully launched your video marketing campaign. From the beginning of this guide there has been an emphasis on:

Post-video launch, you will need to measure campaign success. Our experiences show that many potential clients are put off video marketing because of their previous involvement with video i.e. producing videos which are then incorrectly deployed, meaning they have been unable to see how video has helped them achieve their goals. This is why you need to obtain useful metrics and measurement to gauge the impact of any video. It is important to outline your successes as this will help you define how you deploy any future video campaigns. 

How to analyse the success for your video campaign

Video Hits 
Based around the key delivery platforms, typically YouTube and through your website. Don't expect massive numbers of views. You should have a specific audience you want to interact with and you also want to know you have marketed the video correctly. If you have used email campaigns and seeded the content through LinkedIn targeting 1,000 potential clients, then you would hope that the views reflect this number and, ideally, surpass it.

Duration of plays
You need to know how long people are watching the content. If using YouTube to host your content, then there is a free analytics service to analyse the viewing figures (your number of views may mean nothing if the audience are only watching the first 30 seconds of your two minute video). YouTube Analytics supply data on completed views, areas where audiences stop watching, rewatches as well as the areas of your video which have been watched on multiple occasions.

If there is a hook or call to action e.g. "sign up for our monthly newsletter" or "download our project guide" - identify the conversion rate and volume. Again, the shorter the video length, the better the chance that viewers will watch the entire video and not miss these calls to action.

User Journey
Identify the ways users interact with the content to optimise viewing. This will give you an understanding of your most successful deployment techniques. Inbound marketing tools such as Hubspot and Pardot can help you map out user journeys.

Social Sharing & Comments
Our seeding techniques chapter looked at the importance of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You can see how the content is performing on these platforms by the amount of shares, likes and CTR ratios. Take note of the opinions expressed by those who have watched the content. Comments on the video show a further stage of engagement which in turn opens up dialogue with a potential client. 

Urls &
You should set up dedicated urls and links for each marketing channel and outlet you choose to use. This will help to separate the performances of your campaign so you can monitor which areas have had the most success. 

Organic Search
Positioning in Google around key search terms. Go to Chapter 7 of the guide for techniques on how you optimise your video for search.

Contacting key audience demographic to gauge response to the campaign. This could be existing clients or people who have interacted through social media platforms.

The final chapter of this guide is our Advanced Video Marketing Tips and Tricks which is available to download. The rest of the guide can be found below: 

Chapter 1: What is Video Marketing and why is it important?
Chapter 2: How to start planning your Video Marketing strategy
Chapter 3: How to structure a Video Marketing campaign
Chapter 4: The Video Marketing content framework
Chapter 5: Video Production approaches and techniques for business
Chapter 6: How to deploy a Video Marketing campaign
Chapter 7: Video Marketing for search
Chapter 8: Video Marketing seeding
Chapter 9: Video Marketing metrics and measurement
(Free Download) Chapter 10: Top 20 Advanced Video Marketing tips and tricks

Download: An Introduction to Video Content Marketing for Business

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