The Video Post-Production Process

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Now that everything is has been shot you need to focus on editing and completing your video production. Whilst there is always an element of luck in any filming day, your pre-production should very precisely outline how the post schedule should run. Here are a few things for you to consider:

Data Workflow - ­ Ensure all footage is on relevant systems and is backed­ up.

Delivery Spec - Stick to the output and desired resolution (particularly when producing content for online use).

Availability -  Have everyone’s availability throughout post process, editor, producer, director and client stakeholders.  Ensure key senior stakeholders can review at relevant points.

Draft Assembly - ­We would advise against sharing a draft assembly with a client. This will be a very rough cut that may raise concern if they are not experienced with video production.

Workflows - ­ Typically send cuts through private link on Vimeo or YouTube, WeTransfer or Dropbox. Be sure to have a strict naming convention system in place for version control and feeback.

Alternatively, use a content management system e.g. ProofHQ, Asana or Basecamp, which can allow clients to collate comments in one place and often on the timeline of the cut. Another technique which works well is to visit the client with the first cut, and to go through and even perform some live edits.­ This can dramatically reduce the post­-production time.

Edits­ & Feedback

  • First Cut
  • Feedback
  • Second Cut
  • Final Feedback
  • Approval
  • Sounds Design, Balancing & Grade
  • Final Approval
  • Final Cut

These stages should be clearly defined to prevent the review process becoming neverending.  Ensure you take detailed feedback at each stage, requesting clarification where necessary.  Nothing will be altered after the final cut.

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