The Simple Mistake Being Made By Nearly Half of FTSE 100 IR Teams

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As a FTSE 100 company the Investor Relations section on your website will have thousands of visitors per month and your stock market price underpins the value of your business. Yet nearly half of all FTSE 100 IR sections fail to include a clearly signposted email alert to make it easy for investors to stay in touch. 

Whilst not having an email sign-up form may seem insignificant it potentially has huge implications, particularly when it comes under the scrutiny of some of the basic principles of content marketing. Even if a vast majority of your stock is institutional, your retail stocks provide liquidity that institutions find attractive. Some people may just want to connect to your news flow without investing and it is very unlikely that first time visitors will come back to your site time and time again for updates. But you can start a relationship with these people and grow your audience with a simple sign-up form asking for an email address to stay in touch.  

Here are some fundamental reasons why companies should have sign-ups:


As a member of the FTSE 100 your company has a responsibility to make it easy for people to know what is happening (whether they are a member of the public or a significant stakeholder).


Aside from the convenience of staying in touch it is also your duty to communicate as clearly and effectively as possible. Providing people with every update as and when it happens should not just be "best practice" but standard practice.

Conversions is the world's leading search organisation and one of the best content marketers in the world. Their main focus is on inbound metrics i.e. measuring people who travel to their site because of the content they produce and calculating when they turn into customers. They have a conversion metric of eight points of contact which means that after someone has seen eight pieces of content which particularly resonates with them, they will then typically become an ambassador or client. Similar rules also apply for potential investors as while thousands of people visit an investor section on a monthly basis, many of them do so as a one-off. Providing a way for visitors to stay in touch will help you develop a relationship of trust which can easily result in an investor further down the line.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has recently gone through a massive resurgence as one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. Even if someone does not open an email on company updates, the title in the subject line should be enough to let them know what is happening and keep them interested in receiving the information.

Digital strategy

This is connected to the performance of your website. Many FTSE 100 companies don't have a solid digital strategy and certainly not in the contemporary sense that digital businesses have. Often when a FTSE 100 company has some kind of digital strategy, it will only be for a department or division and not for the company as a whole. It is extremely valuable for companies to track how they rank online (through Alexa or Moz) and by sending out email alerts they will bring more people to the website which increases both traffic and authority. If the content releases are named and deployed correctly, this will also impact ranking and search results for relevant terminologies.

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