Twitter tailored audience list campaigns - why every company should permanently run one

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Twitter often has a reputation for being a polluted swamp. Even if it is only used as a distribution tool, when you make an announcement it can be difficult to cut through the noise and generate any ripples or effect.

But there are a variety of things you can do with Twitter that makes it a very powerful marketing tool. One of those tools is tailored audience lists.

Tailored audiences make it possible to precisely target hand-picked individuals and accounts. You have to identify a minimum of 500 people (with their Twitter handles e.g @mungopark52) in what is referred to as a tailored audience list. You may need more than 500 to ensure the accounts qualify with Twitter's guidelines and some accounts may have opted out of marketing. The hard work is in identifying and selecting the first 500 people, but once you have them you can then add as many as you like.

This means once you have curated the 500 people who matter most to your business (customers, stakeholders and influencers) you can market to them and them only - and you only pay-per-click for content served to them. So if your list is strong enough, there is no reason why you shouldn't be marketing to those people permanently with all of your key updates.

When you run campaigns to broader audiences you can install a conversion tracking pixel to capture additional handles that visit your site and then manually add them to your list to keep it up to date.

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