Creating a Video Production Treatment

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By this point, your treatment should be a result of a solid brief and the concept you have developed. You may need to write a treatment for a couple of ideas in order to make a final decision.

Your treatment should cover all aspects of how the video will come together. If your piece is a talking heads masterpiece, you will only
need a limited treatment
 and just focus on the structure of what is being said.

A fuller treatment will normally cover the basic functions of the project and may include:

Original Draft, Writer’s and Director's Treatment

This covers what will happen in the video, including its structure and how it will be broken down into scenes.

Rationale - Reasons behind your ideas and how they relate to your objectives.

Client / Production Budgeting - Make sure this is clearly presented, especially if it differs from the original estimates.

Concept and Treatment Approval - Ensure these are both signed off at this stage.

This blog is Chapter 4 of A Guide to Video Production for Business. The rest of the guide can be found below:

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