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Find me on: creates animated video and interactive map for the has created an interactive map and an animated video for the European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (EVCA) which demonstrate the roles that private equity and venture capital markets play within the European economy.

The interactive map was designed and developed by in order for viewers to see how various companies throughout Europe have worked with private equity to become better businesses. Viewers are able to pick a country and zoom in on case studies of businesses in that particular country which have received private equity investment - from small start-ups to larger multinational companies, across sectors including business and industrial products to consumer goods and retail or communications.

Alongside the interactive “private equity at work” map, also conceived and created an animated video for the EVCA to demonstrate how private equity investment works. The video is featured alongside the interactive map on the EVCA’s homepage and was recently launched to explain the process and benefits of private equity investment. The short animation uses the concept of a box travelling through a factory to show the various stages that a company may go through within the private equity and venture capital markets.

Emma Thorpe, Head of Communications for the EVCA said: "These projects were a real challenge for the EVCA but through them we have succeeded in establishing new digital communication channels, meaning we can project our messages to a wider audience. In addition to their design and development skills, have an excellent understanding of commercial decision making and we are happy to recommend them to other ambitious organisations."

Mungo Park, Managing Director of said: “We were delighted to work with the EVCA on both their interactive map and animated video. The key communication objectives for both projects was to explain how private equity works and how companies can benefit from private equity or venture capital investment. Whilst the disciplines of creating an interactive map and 3D animation are obviously different, the most important thing for us was to create engaging content to deliver these messages for the EVCA.

  • The European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (EVCA) is the voice of private equity and is responsible for the industry’s professional standards. The EVCA is based in Brussels and represents 700 member firms and 400 associate members.
  • For the EVCA media queries, please contact James Crisp, Media Manager, D: +32 2749 95 19 M: +32 476 75 06 79;
  • To explore the / the EVCA interactive map, please visit:
  • To watch the / the EVCA animation “how private equity works”, please visit:

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