A Guide to Video Production for Business

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Chapter 1: Why Should you Produce a Video for Your Business?
Chapter 2: Creating a Brief for a Video Production 
Chapter 3: Developing a Concept for Your Video Production
Chapter 4: Creating a Video Production Treatment
Chapter 5: The Video Pre-production Process
Chapter 6: The Video Production Process
Chapter 7: The Video Post-production Process
Chapter 8: How to Market your Video Production 

This guide brings together some of the key areas of video production and explains how to produce a successful video project. But let’s start at the beginning... 

Why should you produce a video for your business?

Video is fast becoming recognised by businesses as the best medium for communication, above still images, articles and infographics. It is the best medium for engagement across all online marketing metrics (clicks, likes, shares, duration per visitor, conversions and bounce rates). As people are fed greater amounts of content, their attention span gets shorter. Using video in your marketing or communications is more likely to capture attention and produce a memorable, emotive response.

A successful video campaign involves careful planning. Your strategy must be considered from the very beginning and should be the foundation of the exercise. It is far more difficult to come up with a great idea for a video and then reverse-engineer it into a strategy.  

Your strategy should include:

Before you start you should have an idea of what type of video production approach or technique you are going to use. There is a little flexibility in the process to adapt as the project evolves, but this will be limited once production is underway.

The tone of your content is very important. You may produce video in-house, work with freelancers or a use proffessional video agency. What ever you choose, the production should be managed at every step to ensure your final product reflects your brand and resonates with your audience. 

Assuming you have all your ducks in a row, you are ready to move on to the second chapter of this guide.

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