52 Group launches Corona Network

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In response to the coronavirus crisis and resulting lockdown, 52 Group has created the Corona Network.



The Corona Network was launched on the first day of the UK lockdown. The aim is to build an online platform to share positive news, ideas and events that are happening in the UK, and to bring people and communities closer together to help manage the effects of social distancing or isolation during the coronavirus pandemic. The concept of the network relies on people contributing to the platform, not just in terms of positive news and ideas for us to share, but also people donating their time to help the network grow.

The Corona Network covers positive news as well as various topics and ideas across wellbeing, education, fun things to do at home, along with community projects and guidance.

We are asking people to send us positive news, ideas and events to add to the platform, and we are also looking for volunteers to help us with the network, particularly designers, content creators, developers, social media managers, journalists, or PR, comms and marketing professionals. 

For any more information please reach out to the Corona Network team on


Website link:


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