10 steps for choosing a video agency

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When selecting a video agency for your company to work with, you need to consider a variety of components.

Whether you want to produce a single video, a longer campaign or you are looking to retain an agency, here are some of the things you can do to help you choose the right partner and avoid making expensive mistakes:

  1. Strategy 
    Ensure any company you work with has a clear understanding of how your business works, what you want to achieve and what you want to say. Test them on this if needs be and ask how this will be implemented into a digital strategy.

  2. Video production capabilities
    Request to see three flagship examples of their work that have used different production techniques.

  3. Animation capabilities
    Check the quality of different animation styles they have previously produced.

  4. Relevant experience
    Look at previous examples of their work in your sector or find examples that use the technique, idea or approach you are discussing.

  5. Pre-production process
    Ask about each step of the strategy, creative and pre-production process including any systems or platforms used. How does the storyboarding process work (if required)?

  6. Production Process
    Find out what will happen on filming days (if required) - what will the team be, how will it work?

  7. Post-production
    Find out what systems are used for presenting and managing the editing process. How can people feed in their ideas or monitor developments?

  8. Search Deployment
    Have a clear understanding of the typical launch process for a piece of content. How do they optimise content for organic and paid for search?

  9. Seeding Deployment
    How do they distribute your content to the target audience?

  10. Measurement
    How will the agency monitor performance, conversions and engagement as this is surely why you are producing the content in the first place.

Choosing a modern video agency is no longer exclusively about production values that fit your budget as what happens before and after the production cycle is just as important - namely, what is the thinking and strategy that goes into what you are producing, how is the content deployed and how can you achieve measured results and ROI? These are the things that will make your video investment sustainable.

For more information please also have a look at our Beginner's Guide to Video Marketing.


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